Hotel and Flat Accommodations in Nikolaev Ukraine

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Update Published April 10, 2013

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Update Published April 10, 2013

ExPat life? I do consultations daily from our offices in Nikolaev Ukraine.  My fees are reasonable.  If you have ever thought about living in a foreign country, Ukraine is a great choice.  Ten minute consultations are always free.  Add Billgreen54 to your Skype.  As soon as I see you on-line, I will speak with you.  You can also send me an Email at  Let me know when is a good time to speak with you.

Hotel and Flat Accommodations in Nikolaev
Whether your staying in Nikolaev for a day, a week or a month, we’ll find the best accommodations for you. Many hotels are available throughout the city or choose a flat located downtown or anywhere around the city. Hotels make a great place to stay if you like the convenience of cafes and night clubs within many of the hotels. Flats (apartments) are a great way to spend time relaxing if you want a little more privacy and the comfort a real home. Flats offer many conveniences you might find at home including Internet, computer, washer, satellite TV, air conditioning and kitchenette complete with everything you need to cook a great meal. See a flat on a web site that you would like to rent? Call us and we’ll negotiate the best possible price for you, usually up to twenty percent less than other services. A deposit is required for all flat reservations and must be prepaid at the time of confirmation.

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