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Client & Lady Three Way Mobile Phone Communications Nikolaev Ukraine

This is a pre-arranged phone call where your lady and an interpreter will speak with you by mobile phone. This must be pre-arranged at least two days in advance. This service is only available in Nikolaev and there is a minimum charge for each 15 minutes and the call can originate from a central location in Nikolaev.

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Phone Express Message Relay Nikolaev Ukraine

Phone us on Skype at Billgreen54, Billandlarisa or Larisaschooloflanguage or directly to 38097-856-2268 with your message and it will be translated into Ukrainian or Russian and relayed by phone in less than one hour (often within minutes) to your lady. This service available anywhere in Ukraine. She can give us a reply when we call her or she can phone 380-512-71-71-96 or 38094-944-0196 and her message will be translated and relayed directly to your phone within one hour (often within minutes)

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Email to Phone Message Translation and Relay Service Nikolaev Ukraine

Simply send us a message by Email that you would like to have translated and relayed to the lady you are communicating with. This service is available anywhere in Ukraine. We will phone her and translate the message within 24 hours into her native language verbally so she is able to receive your message. She can relay a message back to us and we will send you her message to your Email.

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Free SMS Ukraine/Russia & Emails from Mobile Phones Nikolaev Ukraine

Daily, we teach many people around the world how to communicate as efficiently as possible. It’s all about knowledge and experience. Sending an SMS (text message) to a mobile phone in Ukraine/Russia is free. Sending an SMS from Ukraine or Russia directly to any ones Email address in the world can be done from a mobile phone for pennies. This is a information and training service where we contact a lady in a foreign country and walk her through the process of sending a SMS directly to your Email address. Many ladies are not aware how to do this. To teach a lady how, there is a one time charge.

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Audio and Video Chat with Interpreter Nikolaev Ukraine

This is the same as above with Video where there is a need to see someone with the benefit of an Interpreter This is for high speed Internet connections. Often this service is used for gift giving and special occasions like holidays and special celebrations, etc. It’s also great for meeting a lady for the first time on a web cam as a first introduction. You see her and she sees you. Be sure to have your web cam operating properly, so she can see you too. Seeing someone on video adds another dimension to overseas communications and takes a relationship to the next level.

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Audio and Text Chat with Interpreter Nikolaev Ukraine

This service is for men and women with established relationships. It’s designed for two people to meet occasionally and have the benefit of an interpreter to assist in communicating for any number of reasons including learning languages. This service takes into consideration the occasional slow Internet connection while communicating overseas. Save money and have one of our interpreters help you and your sweetheart communicate without all the misunderstandings. This service must be scheduled at least three days in advance or there could be a premium charge. Normally this is done on Skype but other choices are available.

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