Security Verification Services Nikolaev

No Person Should Attempt to Develop a Long Distance Cross Cultural Loving Relationship Alone!
Seek the Advice of an Experienced Friend!

Billgreen54, International Relations Specialist.

Security and Verification Services
Bill and Larisa Validation 201
Ethical Web Site Ratings Service 202
Letter Analyzer with Red Flag Report 203
Rush One Day Scam Check 204
Standard Four Day Scam Check 205
Nikolaev Web Site Tracking 206
Worldwide Web Site Tracking 207
Meet and Greet with Email Report and Photo 208

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First, What We Don’t Do!

We don’t give legal advice or search for ladies or men. We’re not affiliated with any marriage agency anywhere. We’re not affiliated with any dating web sites. We don’t accept advertising or payment from any commercial entity. We don’t endorse any web sites that have anything to do with cross cultural relationships. We don’t pay girls to write letters or chat. We don’t endorse or have any affiliation with any web site or company that offers or promotes Socials, Tours or Play for Pay events.

What Do We Do?

Our staff of 7 from around the world is here to help people come together by Educating, Assisting with Information and Communications to encourage a better understanding of the entire process to Develop a Cross Cultural Loving Relationship.
We’re proud to introduce over 50 popular services used by men and women around the world since 2007. A special THANK YOU! To all our friends who’ve helped us do what we do and improve our services in Nikolaev Ukraine and around the world.
Teaching language is just a small part of what we do, educating adults in many areas of interest is another. Culture and Relationship Seminars are held daily at our Conference Room on Sovietskaya Street in Nikolaev Ukraine. Our clients include men and women from many countries who’ve benefited greatly from Education Services and Information we’ve supplied and assisted them with. Helping two people come together with more informed decisions in the process.
As always, your satisfaction is and will always be our primary goal knowing that you will experience the highest level of confidence using our Professional Services while helping you achieve YOUR goals.
One of the biggest initial challenges while communicating overseas with anyone is trying to determine a persons honesty and sincerity. As anyone knows, it’s just about impossible to get to know if a person is honest before both of you meet face to face and spend time together. Time needs to be earned by Time, Actions and Deeds. There are many ways to do this initially and on an ongoing basis. We help with this process by offering Honest Products and Services Unavailable Anywhere in the World.
The key is to do everything you can to validate a woman’s intentions and her past history. She should be able to do the same. Our favorite phrase is, Verify, Verify, Verify. If you’re communicating with a woman in another country, you shouldn’t attempt to do it alone. This is a serious mistake most men make while searching for a woman to love in a foreign land. Women face the same challenge while communicating with men.
We perform services centered around verification and communication between a woman and a man. This is where Dating Web Sites and Marriage Agencies fail miserably at actually helping two people come together. Web Sites, Marriage Agencies, Socials and Tours are merely introduction services without any kind of support before, during or after finding that chemistry with someone special.
When two people set out to develop a relationship from two different countries, it’s just the beginning of your journey. Once you find the women of your dreams, now the real work begins. Our support services are second to none in the world of International Relationship Development and Assistance. Actually, we are a one of a kind company offering services developed with the help of men just like you. A serious Man from around the world searching for a Woman from a FSU country to love and share his life.

Listed below is a partial list of services we offer. Continue reading below to find a more detailed description of services and how they work.

To maintain up to date pricing and current services available, each service has been assigned a number. When asking for more detailed information and pricing, please refer to the correct number and description. As always, please ask us about any service that might not fit your current situation. We are constantly listening to clients suggestions to improve what we do to offer the most comprehensive products and services.

Thanks in advance for your trust in our services.

For more information or to be added to our newsletter contact
or contact Skype at Billgreen54 or phone 38097-856-22-68


Ethical Web Site Ratings Service
There are literally thousands of matchmaking and dating web sites all claiming to be honest with more popping up every time you turn on the computer. If you think you’ve found the web site that you want to invest time and money in, let us compare it to our data base of web sites we track for clients everyday. It’s possible you’ve found an honest web site and if so, we want to know about it. Give us 48 hours to take a look for you and we’ll get back to you with our rating on a scale from 1 to 10 (Ten being the best) With our thoughts and comments as well.

For more information, contact

Letter Analyzer with Red Flag Report

Send us a letter from any Marriage Agency or lady you are communicating with anywhere. First, we will compare it to thousands of letters in our database. Second, we will analyze the letter and search for any problems or inconsistencies that might show positive or negative patterns. This report is for both good and bad statements and references. Many times we’ve found letters that are used over and over by many Marriage Agencies and Professional Scammers. If a ladies letter is not sent from her, it’s an Intro or form letter sent to thousands of men all over the world.

For more information, contact

Rush One Day Scam Check

Why take a chance that a lady you are getting to know is a scammer. Let us compare her to our database of known scammers around the world. Many clients have used this service to determine if a lady he is interested in or communicating with, has any negative past history. While there is no way to know a persons sincerity over the Internet, past negative history shows a pattern of dishonesty and more. Once our scam check is complete, normally within 24 hours, you will receive a full report of our findings and facts along with a few suggestions.

For more information, contact

Standard Four Day Scam Check
This is the same as above, but takes four days to complete. If time is not a major issue, use this service. Often we will finish the report in fewer than 4 days. We track web sites and search the Internet daily for clients all over the world. If we discover any scamming activity or previous negative history, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our findings.

For more information, contact

Worldwide Web Site Tracking
We track many web sites and the behavior of ladies who use them. Often a man thinks he has found the woman he’s been searching for just to find out she’s a working girl and she is actually at several web sites at the same time. If you are communicating with a lady anywhere in the world and believe she is the one for you, do what you can to verify what she is telling you is true. If she claims she only goes online for you, do what you can to be sure she is telling you the facts. Trusting any lady on the Internet before you have actually met her in person, is not a good idea. Web site tracking is done over a two week period of time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will also take a look at other web sites that she might be using and furnish you with a full report of our findings.

For more information, contact

Meet and Greet with Email Report and Photo
This is a great way for us to determine whether a girl is serious or actually real. If she is honest and sincere, she will love to meet with our staff. When we meet with a lady, we try to spend as much time as possible with her to see what we can learn from a first impression, normally up to 30 minutes. Meetings take place in our offices on Sovietskaya in the central part of Nikolaev. After we meet with her, we will send you an Email report with our thoughts and first impressions along with her photo. All we need from you is her phone number to schedule a meeting. No gifts are included.
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