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Services and Pricing

Communication Services

Audio and Text Chat with Interpreter
This service is for men and women with established relationships. It’s designed for two people to meet occasionally and have the benefit of an interpreter to assist in communicating for any number of reasons including learning languages. This service takes into consideration the occasional slow Internet connection while communicating overseas. Save money and have one of our interpreters help you and your sweetheart communicate without all the misunderstandings. This service must be scheduled at least three days in advance or there could be a premium charge. Normally this is done on Skype but other choices are available.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Audio and Video Chat with Interpreter
This is the same as above with Video where there is a need to see someone with the benefit of an Interpreter This is for high speed Internet connections. Often this service is used for gift giving and special occasions like holidays and special celebrations, etc. It’s also great for meeting a lady for the first time on a web cam as a first introduction. You see her and she sees you. Be sure to have your web cam operating properly, so she can see you too. Seeing someone on video adds another dimension to overseas communications and takes a relationship to the next level.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Free SMS Ukraine/Russia & Emails from Mobile Phones
Daily, we teach many people around the world how to communicate as efficiently as possible. It’s all about knowledge and experience. Sending an SMS (text message) to a mobile phone in Ukraine/Russia is free. Sending an SMS from Ukraine or Russia directly to any ones Email address in the world can be done from a mobile phone for pennies. This is a information and training service where we contact a lady in a foreign country and walk her through the process of sending a SMS directly to your Email address. Many ladies are not aware how to do this. To teach a lady how, there is a one time charge.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Email to Phone Message Translation and Relay Service
Simply send us a message by Email that you would like to have translated and relayed to the lady you are communicating with. This service is available anywhere in Ukraine. We will phone her and translate the message within 24 hours into her native language verbally so she is able to receive your message. She can relay a message back to us and we will send you her message to your Email.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Phone Express Message Relay
Phone us on Skype at Billgreen54, Billandlarisa or Larisaschooloflanguage or directly to 38097-856-2268 with your message and it will be translated into Ukrainian or Russian and relayed by phone in less than one hour (often within minutes) to your lady. This service available anywhere in Ukraine. She can give us a reply when we call her or she can phone 380-512-71-71-96 or 38094-944-0196 and her message will be translated and relayed directly to your phone within one hour (often within minutes)For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Client & Lady Three Way Mobile Phone Communications
This is a pre-arranged phone call where your lady and an interpreter will speak with you by mobile phone. This must be pre-arranged at least two days in advance. This service is only available in Nikolaev and there is a minimum charge for each 15 minutes and the call can originate from a central location in Nikolaev.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Letter Translation
This service is for a single letter to be translated in either direction. Each time we receive a letter for translation from you or a lady, we will first use Google translate or a similar program. After analyzing the translation, we will highlight and comment on all subject matter that may need further explanation to be better understood. We do not add fluff or assumptions to any letter. We just translate the facts to the best of our ability. No letter from a lady will translated without your prior authorization. Please allow 2 working days from the day we receive the letter for it to be translated.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Private Post Office
This service is for setting up and monitoring a private email address for the lady you are communicating with. This is a great service for a lady who doesn’t have her own computer and needs a way to get your printed letter to her. We can either phone her and read the letter over the phone or translate the letter and give it to her personally at our office. This service is for Nikolaev only. She can also come by our office and tell us what she wants to tell you. We will translate and write a letter to you directly from the lady you are communicating with. There is no fluff or sales pitches in any letter. We simply translate the letter. NOTE: Letter translation fees apply.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Communication and Arbitration Assistance
When people are communicating from different countries in two languages, from time to time, there will be misunderstandings where a third party needs to help. If there is a disagreement, misunderstanding or any subject that needs clarification between you and the lady you are communicating with and you can’t seem to solve it alone, we can help. We assist other couples daily when there are things said that just don’t seem to make sense. This often happens because of the difference in languages. Either party can contact us to assist with any confusing issues that come up. We always do our best and go to the limits to solve a problem.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Personal Contact Information Anywhere in the World
Often a ladies contact information is not available for many reasons. Most web sites make you pay a minimum before you are able to ask for and receive a ladies contact information. Many web sites won’t allow you to even contact a lady any other way than a meeting in person. We now have an extensive database available to us with thousands of ladies contact information throughout the world. Our contact information is guaranteed to be accurate and up to date. We don’t even charge you for a ladies contact information until we have personally verified she is real and her information is accurate. Stop paying high prices for old and outdated information and contact us with any ID at any web site anywhere in the world. If we can’t locate a lady and her contact information, most likely, she doesn’t exist. IMBRA Compliant.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Professional Unbiased Interpreter Services in Nikolaev
All our Interpreters work independently. We have an extensive network of experienced Larisa School of Language Verified Interpreters available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer both male and female interpreters that subscribe to a strict and written “Larisa School of Language, Code of Ethics” Prior to engaging the services of our Interpreter, you will be furnished with a copy of The Code of Ethics, signed by the Interpreter working for you. A copy of the Code of Ethics is available by request from Billgreen54services@gmail.com. At any time, should there be a violation of the Code of Ethics regarding the conduct of any Interpreter we have furnished you, proper actions will be taken and that Interpreter will be eliminated from our database. All Interpreters charge by the hour with a sliding scale for assignments longer than 3 hours.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Electronic Translator Rental in Nikolaev
For many couples meeting the first time, an interpreter is the best way to communicate and get to know each other. But once you both decide to meet again, a great way to get up front and personal is with the use of an Electronic Translator. It can be fun and it takes the human element out of the equation. It’s also a great way to carry on a conversation with your sweetheart while she might be talking to others in her language. The Ectaco ER800 is just one of our Electronic Translators for rental.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Mobile Phone Rental in Nikolaev
Communicating with the outside world is one thing, but anyone without a mobile phone will be lost here. It’s the only way for you to communicate with friends and others in Ukraine. Most people have long since stopped using landlines although they are still used in many businesses. Unless you plan on being here for more than 15 days, renting a mobile phone is the best way to go and all you need to do is add minutes.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Computer/Internet Rental and Skype Calls in Nikolaev
No need to bring a laptop with you to Nikolaev, just stop by English Club in Nikolaev and Check your Email, Print Documents and make FREE Skype to Skype calls around the world. It’s easy and convenient plus you have the benefit of our staff to assist you with anything that might come up including translation and interpreter services. We can also help with travel plan changes, including airlines, taxi, buss and trains throughout Ukraine. Additional charges will apply if Skype calls are made to non Skype users. For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Security/Verification Services

Ethical Web Site Ratings Service
There are literally thousands of matchmaking and dating web sites all claiming to be honest with more popping up every time you turn on the computer. If you think you’ve found the web site that you want to invest time and money in, let us compare it to our data base of web sites we track for clients everyday. It’s possible you’ve found an honest web site and if so, we want to know about it. Give us 48 hours to take a look for you and we’ll get back to you with our rating on a scale from 1 to 10 (Ten being the best) With our thoughts and comments as well.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Letter Analyzer with Red Flag Report
Send us a letter from any Marriage Agency or lady you are communicating with anywhere. First, we will compare it to thousands of letters in our database. Second, we will analyze the letter and search for any problems or inconsistencies that might show positive or negative patterns. This report is for both good and bad statements and references. Many times we’ve found letters that are used over and over by many Marriage Agencies and Professional Scammers. If a ladies letter is not sent from her, it’s an Intro or form letter sent to thousands of men all over the world.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Rush One Day Scam Check
Why take a chance that a lady you are getting to know is a scammer. Let us compare her to our database of known scammers around the world. Many clients have used this service to determine if a lady he is interested in or communicating with, has any negative past history. While there is no way to know a persons sincerity over the Internet, past negative history shows a pattern of dishonesty and more. Once our scam check is complete, normally within 24 hours, you will receive a full report of our findings and facts along with a few suggestions.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Standard Four Day Scam Check
This is the same as above, but takes four days to complete. If time is not a major issue, use this service. Often we will finish the report in fewer than 4 days. We track web sites and search the Internet daily for clients all over the world. If we discover any scamming activity or previous negative history, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our findings.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Worldwide Web Site Tracking
We track many web sites and the behavior of ladies who use them. Often a man thinks he has found the woman he’s been searching for just to find out she’s a working girl and she is actually at several web sites at the same time. If you are communicating with a lady anywhere in the world and believe she is the one for you, do what you can to verify what she is telling you is true. If she claims she only goes online for you, do what you can to be sure she is telling you the facts. Trusting any lady on the Internet before you have actually met her in person, is not a good idea. Web site tracking is done over a two week period of time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will also take a look at other web sites that she might be using and furnish you with a full report of our findings.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Meet and Greet with Email Report and Photo
This is a great way for us to determine whether a girl is serious or actually real. If she is honest and sincere, she will love to meet with our staff. When we meet with a lady, we try to spend as much time as possible with her to see what we can learn from a first impression, normally up to 30 minutes. Meetings take place in our offices on Sovietskaya in the central part of Nikolaev. After we meet with her, we will send you an Email report with our thoughts and first impressions along with her photo. All we need from you is her phone number to schedule a meeting. No gifts are included. For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Gift Delivery Services, Nikolaev

Rush 5 Hour Flower Delivery/ Photo and Email Report
This is our best service for gift giving if you are in a hurry or need to buy that last minute gift for any special occasion. We buy flower bouquets and arrangements daily in the heart of the city at the Nikolaev Flower Market. Bouquets are professionally arranged by experts and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Orders must be received during our normal business hours no later than 12 noon Nikolaev Time. This service includes a meet and greet report and a message from your sweetheart directly back to your Email.
Orders must be paid in advance and you must contact us directly using Skype at Billgreen54 or 38097-856-22-68 or 380-512-71-71-96. All orders will be delivered up to 15 minutes from the center of the city (Sovietskaya) Just tell us what kind of flower arrangement you would like along with what should be written on the card and we take care of the rest.

24 Hour Flower Delivery with Photo and Email Report
How many times have you ordered a gift through a web site just to discover it still hadn’t been delivered to your sweetheart after 4 or 5 days. We promise delivery within 24 hours guaranteed anywhere in Nikolaev. When you order a fresh bouquet of flowers, you can rest assured that quality flowers will be delivered within 24 hours. Her photo will be sent back to you within 24 hours along with a message from your sweetheart and a meet and greet report from our staff. All orders must be prepaid and can be ordered by phone at 38097-856-22-68, Skype at Billgreen54 or Email at Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Rush 5 Hour Gift Delivery with Photo and Email Report

From Perfume to Mary Kay Cosmetics, we deliver gifts to ladies in Nikolaev everyday. We can deliver gift baskets with just about anything including fruit and chocolates. Tell us what you would like delivered and we will take care of the rest. Should you choose Mary Kay Cosmetics, at your request, we will phone the lady you are sending the gift to before delivery and ask her what she needs. This is a great way to give her exactly what she wants. Tell us what kind of gift you would like to deliver and we will take care of the rest. All orders must be prepaid and can be ordered by phone at 38097-856-22-68, Skype at Billgreen54 or Email at Billgreen54services@gmail.com

24 Hour Gift Delivery with Photo and Email Report
This is the same as the 5 hour gift delivery service within 24 hours for gifts in stock or readily available. Our staff will fill your order with Mary Kay Cosmetics, flowers in season of your choosing, fresh fruits and chocolates. Each gift is carefully selected for that special lady presented to her in either a gift basket or gift bag. Fresh Fruits and Candies of any type are hand selected at the finest shops in Nikolaev. Pastries, coffees, teas, soaps and other specialities can be added for that perfect gift delivered to your sweetheart by our professional staff. This is a great way to give her exactly what she wants. Tell us what kind of gift you would like to deliver and we will take care of the rest.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Gift Delivery with Photo, Email Report and Video Clip
Use your imagination and have us buy her the perfect gift. While your communicating with a lady long distance, it’s impossible to
just walk down the street and buy what your sweetheart needs. That’s where we come in. Daily, our staff travels around Nikolaev, shopping for that perfect gift. From a birthday to a holiday celebration, don’t forget to show you care with a gift specially selected just for her. Jewelry, electronics, furniture, clothes, food, and just about anything you can imagine will be delivered within hours. All gifts and deliveries are based on availability. This service is provided on an individual basis and is extremely personalized. Our staff will work with you to provide the best services at the best prices. Added to the cost of products purchased, will be a small service charge based on time spent. Expect Photo, Email Report and Video Clip to be sent to you withing 24 hours of delivery. All orders must be prepaid.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Transportation / Accommodations Services

Hotel and Flat Accommodations in Nikolaev
Whether your staying in Nikolaev for a day, a week or a month, we’ll find the best accommodations for you. Many hotels are available throughout the city or choose a flat located downtown or anywhere around the city. Hotels make a great place to stay if you like the convenience of cafes and night clubs within many of the hotels. Flats (apartments) are a great way to spend time relaxing if you want a little more privacy and the comfort a real home. Flats offer many conveniences you might find at home including Internet, computer, washer, satellite TV, air conditioning and kitchenette complete with everything you need to cook a great meal. See a flat on a web site that you would like to rent? Call us and we’ll negotiate the best possible price for you, usually up to twenty percent less than other services. A deposit is required for all flat reservations and must be prepaid at the time of confirmation.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Taxi Transportation Anywhere in Ukraine
Taxi’s can be dispatched for you anywhere in Ukraine with short notice. All our drivers are English speaking and know the roads and highways well. Getting from the Kiev airport to Odessa, Nikolaev or anywhere else in Ukraine and back again is just a phone call away. Our network of taxi’s and drivers offer the newest and safest cars and mini vans for one or more passengers. Don’t get into just any car at any airport without speaking the language. There have been many reports of price gouging at the airports. When our driver picks you up from any airport, he will be there as promised holding a sign with your name on it. If you are renting a mobile phone from us, he will have it with him at the time of pick up. The minute you meet with our taxi driver, you will have access to mobile phone communications anywhere in Ukraine. There may be a deposit required for your reservation.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Train, Bus, Marshutka Reservations and Services
Just about everyday, we meet clients at the bus and train stations. A small bus or mini van (marshutka) will get you from one city to another for short distances up to two hours. Farther distances will require a bus, taxi or train ride. We can get travel information for you from any city or village in Ukraine. We can have an experienced travel guide meet you anytime of the day or night at bus or train stations. Traveling from Kiev to Nikolaev by Taxi takes up to 6 hours, by train or bus, approximately 11 hours. We make sure you have transportation to and from airports, train and bus stations so you’re always assured that you’ll find your way safely around Ukraine. If it’s your first time in Ukraine, it’s a good idea to get some advice from experienced travelers to make sure your you get where you want to go.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Private Guide Anywhere in Ukraine
Private guides are available 24/7 and can accompany you anywhere in Ukraine. We have experienced travel guides who are professional and experienced help clients travel and communicate with anyone. If you have an emergency of any kind, you can rest assured that your guide will help solve any problem you might have. Getting into and out of the country at border crossings is another way to see as much of the country as possible while you are in Ukraine. Our expert travel guides know the best ways to travel to get you where you want to go. Travel Guide services are also available in other countries for extended periods of time. Contact us with your itinerary and we’ll do our best to get you where you’re going.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Billgreen54…. Advice, Coaching and Consulting Services

Life and Relationship Coaching Services
No one person knows everything. I just know that from time, everyone needs fresh new ideas. Sharing life experience is another part of learning from others success and failures too. With new challenges facing us everyday, sometimes we just need a friend to talk to, sharing everyday life with others is a good thing. Some of my clients consider me their inner voice that shares thoughts or ideas they’d never considered before. Often, I’m able to bring to life your ideas, thoughts and experiences from the past, long forgotten. I offer several levels of coaching, including weekly, twice weekly and intense. For communicating with you, we use Emails, Phone and Skype calls.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Conference Call With Billgreen54
There are times when you need some advice with the benefit of my experience living in the Ukraine. Living and working in Ukraine gives me a whole different perspective in Ukrainian life. You may have a specific question or problem you need addressed or just a little more knowledge about this part of the world. If you’re in a serious relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia and you need a little knowledge, you can count on me to help. Daily, I speak by phone with clients all over the world. Be sure that before we speak, it’s important to make a few notes. This way, I’ll address every question or concern you have. This is not a free service. You must have money on your account for any call that lasts more than five minutes. Scheduling a call in advance is always best by contacting me at Billgreen54services@gmail.com Contact me directly on Skype at Billgreen54

Visa Information Services
Communicating with a woman overseas is just the first of a long process. When you have finally found the woman who’s searching for you, now it’s time for the paperwork side of things. We help clients daily with information and forms to fill out as well as guidance with interviews and more. We also have a list of attorneys that specialize in immigration law who have helped many clients. We do not give legal advice, but we can share our thoughts and experiences and we can help anytime with the communication process.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Adult Education Seminars in Nikolaev
Adult Education Seminars are held daily in our offices on Sovietskaya, downtown in the heart of Nikolaev. Whether you’re an expert in Ukrainian culture or new to a real relationship with a women from a FSU country, you’ll learn plenty and get up to date information. Topics presented but not limited to are, The First Meeting, Money and Gifts, Interpreter Conduct, Communicating in Two Languages, Age Difference Concerns, Trust and Honesty, Culture and Traditions, Education and Income, Superstitions and Family, At The Dinner Table and Open Discussion. Seminars last up to two hours depending on how many are in attendance. Maximum group size is 16.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Private Consultation with Billgreen54 In Nikolaev
No man should attempt to search for a serious relationship in another country without the help of a friend or someone who knows first hand how all this works. Searching in another country is filled with landmines everywhere you look. A private consultation before you meet the lady is a must if you want to increase the odds of a successful first meeting and beyond. Any topic regarding your situation can be discussed. I guarantee that the information you learn will be invaluable.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Dinner with Bill and Larisa in Nikolaev, Ukraine
Once you’ve come to Nikolaev and feel you’ve found the woman of your dreams, now it’s time to make plans for the future with you and your sweetheart. There are so many things to do and think about. The Visa Process, Language, Future Communications and more, are all ahead of you. It’s always a good idea to have friends you can count on to help both of you get through the months ahead. Dinner with Bill and Larisa is a time for all of us to get to know each other. Once you leave the country to go back home, don’t take the chance of serious mis-communications. We help other couples communicate and solve problems daily from many countries.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Nikolaev Tours and Activities

Nikolaev Tour of the City
Personal tours of Nikolaev for one or more visitors are offered daily. Go from each corner of the city from the Olympic Size Swimming Pool to the Shipbuilding Yards and the Rivers surrounding the city. This tour is a general tour that allows you to get to know the city from an everyday life point of view. Shopping in one of the many outdoor markets and traveling through neighborhoods both old and new are included. Travel around the city by Bus and Tram just like Ukrainian Citizens do everyday. This is a great way to get a first hand experience of everyday life here and learn more about the city of Nikolaev Ukraine. Maximum tour time is 3 hours and begins in the heart of the city on Sovietskaya Street. Tour must be scheduled one day in advance. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Nikolaev City Nightclub Tour
Our nightclub tour is a great way to have fun and meet people too. If you like dancing, live music and just great fun, our Nightclub Tour is an experience you won’t soon forget. The fun starts at 9 pm five days a week and doesn’t stop until the early hours of the morning. Your guide will get you around the city to at least 4 different Nightclubs and make sure you find your way back to your flat or hotel room as well. Bring a friend along at no additional charge. Group discounts apply. Nightclub tour is up to six hours. Transportation, food, drinks and admission fees are not included. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Nikolaev Activities and Sporting Events
From spectator events like Professional Basketball Games, Football Tournaments and Russian Billiard Tournaments to Bowling, Tennis, Horseback Riding and more! There’s plenty to keep you busy around the city in your free time. There are many parks around the city including the Children’s and Victory Parks. The Children’s park features a real Locomotive from years back, an authentic Pirate Ship as well as The Castle, The Outdoor Theater and Bumper Cars. Victory Park Features a Beach for Sunbathing or Play Volleyball in the sand courts. Take that photo opportunity with War Relics like real Tanks, Planes and more. Transportation, entry fees, food and beverages are not included. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Nikolaev Museums, Zoo and Shipyard Excursions
Nikolaev is famous for it Ship Building and Ship Building Museum as well as Nikolaev Regional Museum. Art from this historically rich city are a sight to see while in Nikolaev. The Ship Builders Museum is an open book telling the story of the past when the city was full of new ships and more. The Nikolaev Zoo is the best in Ukraine with it’s huge selection of wildlife from many parts of the world. Clean and well maintained, the zoo is a must see when you’re visiting Ukraine. Shipyard excursions are offered daily. See where it all happens and ships are built from the start. Admission fees, transportation, food and beverages are not included. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Shopping, Restaurants and Bazaars
Did you ever wonder where and how people shop for their needs in a foreign country? While there are many modern stores where everyone shops, there are also open markets, both big and small. Open markets are called Bazaars where you can buy everything from clothes to food to building supplies. The two major Bazaars are Kola’s and Central. There are also many smaller outdoor markets located all around the city. Stall after Stall, store after store, shopping for anything is as interesting as it gets. Unique Restaurants are located throughout the city of Nikolaev. From Authentic Ukrainian Cuisine to Pizza, you can find just about any type of food you desire. From Borsch, Veriniki, Pelmini or Sharlotka, we can help you with the food tasting experience of a lifetime while you’re visiting Nikolaev. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Exercise, Fitness, Gym and Sauna
Coming to a foreign country doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop staying in shape. As anyone who exercises regularly knows, taking a week off from your daily regimen just isn’t a good idea. Nikolaev offers many choices when it comes to exercise facilities. From aerobics to a stationary bicycle or a treadmill, you can find it all right here in Nikolaev. Workout equipment and weight lifting facilities are available as well. Sauna’s come complete with jacuzzi, shower, rest area and billiards. Outdoor swimming is available during the warm months, while indoor swimming is available year round. Daily, weekly and monthly membership rates are available. We will show the best facilities for you to choose from with the most competitive prices so you don’t lose a day of exercise.For more information, contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com

Village Tour and Wine Tasting Tour Outside Nikolaev
The Village Tour is an all day excursion that will introduce you to the countryside far from the city of Nikolaev. See where real people live and work in Ukraine. See where crops are grown and harvested. Meet real people who will welcome you into their home, cook you a traditional Ukrainian meal and share home made wine, spirits and more. Speak and interact with real people who don’t live in the big city. Get to know more about the people that make this country special and unique. This will be an experience of a lifetime. The Wine Tasting Tour is also an all day excursion that will introduce you to wineries and let you taste the wine that this part of Ukraine is famous for. Visiting the countryside is also a bonus for this excursion, but does not include meals or drinks. Reservations are required.

Contact Billgreen54services@gmail.com for additional information and cost for each Excursion.


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