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Update Published March 10, 2013

ExPat life? I do consultations daily from our offices in Nikolaev Ukraine.  My fees are reasonable.  If you have ever thought about living in a foreign country, Ukraine is a great choice.  Ten minute consultations are always free.  Add Billgreen54 to your Skype.  As soon as I see you on-line, I will speak with you.  You can also send me an Email at  Let me know when is a good time to speak with you.

Nikolaev Tour of the City
Personal tours of Nikolaev for one or more visitors are offered daily. Go from each corner of the city from the Olympic Size Swimming Pool to the Shipbuilding Yards and the Rivers surrounding the city. This tour is a general tour that allows you to get to know the city from an everyday life point of view. Shopping in one of the many outdoor markets and traveling through neighborhoods both old and new are included. Travel around the city by Bus and Tram just like Ukrainian Citizens do everyday. This is a great way to get a first hand experience of everyday life here and learn more about the city of Nikolaev Ukraine. Maximum tour time is 3 hours and begins in the heart of the city on Sovietskaya Street. Tour must be scheduled one day in advance. Fees based on activities chosen and duration of Excursion.

For more information, contact


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