Billgreen54 Communication Services Nikolaev

No Person Should Attempt to Develop a Long Distance Cross Cultural Loving Relationship Alone!
Seek the Advice of an Experienced Friend!

Billgreen54, International Relations Specialist.

Communication Services
Audio Chat with Interpreter 101
Audio and Video Chat with Interpreter 102
Free SMS to Ukraine and Emails from Mobile Phones 103
Email to Phone Message Translation Services 104
Phone Express Message Relay 105
Client to Lady Three Way Telephone Communications 106
Letter Translation 107
Private Post Office 108
Communication Assistance with your Lady 109
Personal Contact Information Services 110
Interpreter Services in Nikolaev 111
Electronic Translator Rental in Nikolaev 112
Mobile Phone Rental in Nikolaev 113
Computer with Internet Rental in Nikolaev 114

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First, What We Don’t Do!

We don’t give legal advice or search for ladies or men. We’re not affiliated with any marriage agency anywhere. We’re not affiliated with any dating web sites. We don’t accept advertising or payment from any commercial entity. We don’t endorse any web sites that have anything to do with cross cultural relationships. We don’t pay girls to write letters or chat. We don’t endorse or have any affiliation with any web site or company that offers or promotes Socials, Tours or Play for Pay events.

What Do We Do?

Our staff of 7 from around the world is here to help people come together by Educating, Assisting with Information and Communications to encourage a better understanding of the entire process to Develop a Cross Cultural Loving Relationship.
We’re proud to introduce over 50 popular services used by men and women around the world since 2007. A special THANK YOU! To all our friends who’ve helped us do what we do and improve our services in Nikolaev Ukraine and around the world.
Teaching language is just a small part of what we do, educating adults in many areas of interest is another. Culture and Relationship Seminars are held daily at our Conference Room on Sovietskaya Street in Nikolaev Ukraine. Our clients include men and women from many countries who’ve benefited greatly from Education Services and Information we’ve supplied and assisted them with. Helping two people come together with more informed decisions in the process.
As always, your satisfaction is and will always be our primary goal knowing that you will experience the highest level of confidence using our Professional Services while helping you achieve YOUR goals.
One of the biggest initial challenges while communicating overseas with anyone is trying to determine a persons honesty and sincerity. As anyone knows, it’s just about impossible to get to know if a person is honest before both of you meet face to face and spend time together. Time needs to be earned by Time, Actions and Deeds. There are many ways to do this initially and on an ongoing basis. We help with this process by offering Honest Products and Services Unavailable Anywhere in the World.
The key is to do everything you can to validate a woman’s intentions and her past history. She should be able to do the same. Our favorite phrase is, Verify, Verify, Verify. If you’re communicating with a woman in another country, you shouldn’t attempt to do it alone. This is a serious mistake most men make while searching for a woman to love in a foreign land. Women face the same challenge while communicating with men.
We perform services centered around verification and communication between a woman and a man. This is where Dating Web Sites and Marriage Agencies fail miserably at actually helping two people come together. Web Sites, Marriage Agencies, Socials and Tours are merely introduction services without any kind of support before, during or after finding that chemistry with someone special.
When two people set out to develop a relationship from two different countries, it’s just the beginning of your journey. Once you find the women of your dreams, now the real work begins. Our support services are second to none in the world of International Relationship Development and Assistance. Actually, we are a one of a kind company offering services developed with the help of men just like you. A serious Man from around the world searching for a Woman from a FSU country to love and share his life.

Listed below is a partial list of services we offer. Continue reading below to find a more detailed description of services and how they work.

To maintain up to date pricing and current services available, each service has been assigned a number. When asking for more detailed information and pricing, please refer to the correct number and description. As always, please ask us about any service that might not fit your current situation. We are constantly listening to clients suggestions to improve what we do to offer the most comprehensive products and services.

Thanks in advance for your trust in our services.

For more information or to be added to our newsletter contact
or contact Skype at Billgreen54 or phone 38097-856-22-68

Communication Services

Audio and Text Chat with Interpreter

This service is for men and women with established relationships. It’s designed for two people to meet occasionally and have the benefit of an interpreter to assist in communicating for any number of reasons including learning languages. This service takes into consideration the occasional slow Internet connection while communicating overseas. Save money and have one of our interpreters help you and your sweetheart communicate without all the misunderstandings. This service must be scheduled at least three days in advance or there could be a premium charge. Normally this is done on Skype but other choices are available.

For more information, contact

Audio and Video Chat with Interpreter
This is the same as above with Video where there is a need to see someone with the benefit of an Interpreter This is for high speed Internet connections. Often this service is used for gift giving and special occasions like holidays and special celebrations, etc. It’s also great for meeting a lady for the first time on a web cam as a first introduction. You see her and she sees you. Be sure to have your web cam operating properly, so she can see you too. Seeing someone on video adds another dimension to overseas communications and takes a relationship to the next level.

For more information, contact

Free SMS to Ukraine/Russia and Emails from Mobile Phones
Daily, we teach many people around the world how to communicate as efficiently as possible. It’s all about knowledge and experience. Sending an SMS (text message) to a mobile phone in Ukraine/Russia is free. Sending an SMS from Ukraine or Russia directly to any ones Email address in the world can be done from a mobile phone for pennies. This is a information and training service where we contact a lady in a foreign country and walk her through the process of sending a SMS directly to your Email address. Many ladies are not aware how to do this. To teach a lady how, there is a one time charge.

For more information, contact

Email to Phone Message Translation and Relay Service
Simply send us a message by Email that you would like to have translated and relayed to the lady you are communicating with. This service is available anywhere in Ukraine. We will phone her and translate the message within 24 hours into her native language verbally so she is able to receive your message. She can relay a message back to us and we will send you her message to your Email.

For more information, contact

Phone Express Message Relay
Phone us on Skype at Billgreen54, Billandlarisa or Larisaschooloflanguage or directly to 38097-856-2268 with your message and it will be translated into Ukrainian or Russian and relayed by phone in less than one hour (often within minutes) to your lady. This service available anywhere in Ukraine. She can give us a reply when we call her or she can phone 380-512-71-71-96 or 38094-944-0196 and her message will be translated and relayed directly to your phone within one hour (often within minutes)

For more information, contact

Client and Lady Three Way Mobile Phone Communications
This is a pre-arranged phone call where your lady and an interpreter will speak with you by mobile phone. This must be pre-arranged at least two days in advance. This service is only available in Nikolaev and there is a minimum charge for each 15 minutes and the call can originate from a central location in Nikolaev.

For more information, contact

Letter Translation
This service is for a single letter to be translated in either direction. Each time we receive a letter for translation from you or a lady, we will first use Google translate or a similar program. After analyzing the translation, we will highlight and comment on all subject matter that may need further explanation to be better understood. We do not add fluff or assumptions to any letter. We just translate the facts to the best of our ability. No letter from a lady will translated without your prior authorization. Please allow 2 working days from the day we receive the letter for it to be translated.

For more information, contact

Private Post Office
This service is for setting up and monitoring a private email address for the lady you are communicating with. This is a great service for a lady who doesn’t have her own computer and needs a way to get your printed letter to her. We can either phone her and read the letter over the phone or translate the letter and give it to her personally at our office. This service is for Nikolaev only. She can also come by our office and tell us what she wants to tell you. We will translate and write a letter to you directly from the lady you are communicating with. There is no fluff or sales pitches in any letter. We simply translate the letter. NOTE: Letter translation fees apply.

For more information, contact

Communication and Arbitration Assistance
When people are communicating from different countries in two languages, from time to time, there will be misunderstandings where a third party needs to help. If there is a disagreement, misunderstanding or any subject that needs clarification between you and the lady you are communicating with and you can’t seem to solve it alone, we can help. We assist other couples daily when there are things said that just don’t seem to make sense. This often happens because of the difference in languages. Either party can contact us to assist with any confusing issues that come up. We always do our best and go to the limits to solve a problem.

For more information, contact

Personal Contact Information Anywhere in the World

Often a ladies contact information is not available for many reasons. Most web sites make you pay a minimum before you are able to ask for and receive a ladies contact information. Many web sites won’t allow you to even contact a lady any other way than a meeting in person. We now have an extensive database available to us with thousands of ladies contact information throughout the world. Our contact information is guaranteed to be accurate and up to date. We don’t even charge you for a ladies contact information until we have personally verified she is real and her information is accurate. Stop paying high prices for old and outdated information and contact us with any ID at any web site anywhere in the world. If we can’t locate a lady and her contact information, most likely, she doesn’t exist. IMBRA Compliant.

For more information, contact

Professional Unbiased Interpreter Services in Nikolaev
All our Interpreters work independently. We have an extensive network of experienced Larisa School of Language Verified Interpreters available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer both male and female interpreters that subscribe to a strict and written “Larisa School of Language, Code of Ethics” Prior to engaging the services of our Interpreter, you will be furnished with a copy of The Code of Ethics, signed by the Interpreter working for you. A copy of the Code of Ethics is available by request from At any time, should there be a violation of the Code of Ethics regarding the conduct of any Interpreter we have furnished you, proper actions will be taken and that Interpreter will be eliminated from our database. All Interpreters charge by the hour with a sliding scale for assignments longer than 3 hours.

For more information, contact

Electronic Translator Rental in Nikolaev
For many couples meeting the first time, an interpreter is the best way to communicate and get to know each other. But once you both decide to meet again, a great way to get up front and personal is with the use of an Electronic Translator. It can be fun and it takes the human element out of the equation. It’s also a great way to carry on a conversation with your sweetheart while she might be talking to others in her language. The Ectaco ER800 is just one of our Electronic Translators for rental.

For more information, contact

Mobile Phone Rental in Nikolaev
Communicating with the outside world is one thing, but anyone without a mobile phone will be lost here. It’s the only way for you to communicate with friends and others in Ukraine. Most people have long since stopped using landlines although they are still used in many businesses. Unless you plan on being here for more than 15 days, renting a mobile phone is the best way to go and all you need to do is add minutes.

For more information, contact

Computer/Internet Rental and Skype Calls in Nikolaev

No need to bring a laptop with you to Nikolaev, just stop by English Club in Nikolaev and Check your Email, Print Documents and make FREE Skype to Skype calls around the world. It’s easy and convenient plus you have the benefit of our staff to assist you with anything that might come up including translation and interpreter services. We can also help with travel plan changes, including airlines, taxi, buss and trains throughout Ukraine. Additional charges will apply if Skype calls are made to non Skype users.

For more information, contact

2 responses to “Billgreen54 Communication Services Nikolaev

  1. Hello,
    I have been communicating with a lady from Nikolaev for a little over a year now. I visited her this March and was invited to return as soon as I could. She even asked me to come during Christmas, if I can. I am looking for a reputable, trustworthy agency to translate letters for us, and to help with phone conversations. I would like to know your pricing for these services please. And nay information you may have on a good international calling plan or agency I might use to call her. I am looking forward to your reply.

    Thank You,

    Michael Cook

    • HI Michael,

      Thanks for writing.
      We would be happy to help you, but why not just send letters by Email and translate with Google. Even though translation is never perfect, at least you will know exactly who is sending the letter.
      We would be happy to help you two communicate. I am sending you information regarding our PenPal program and pricing for English lessons.
      I also do consultations by Skype if you are interested. You could also take some Russian Lessons via Skype from our school. Currently, we are teaching Russian to 8 men from other countries by Skype.
      Everyone we know here uses Skype to speak by phone. I have an international calling plan that allows me to phone the US completely free of minute charges. I pay $10 a month and there is no limit.
      Your friend can also take English lessons at our school.
      Best regards,

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